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Tinus (Martinus Petrus Johannes) Pulles retired as an experienced Dutch environmental scientist and consultant, mainly active in the field of emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants in May 2013 from TNO.

After my retirement he picked up my hobby in photography.

Early life

I was born on April 9th 1948 in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, where my father owned a bakery, originally founded by my grandfather in the 1920s. I attended primary school in Waalwijk and secondary school ("Gymnasium B") in Sint Michielsgestel and Waalwijk

Professional life


In September 1967 I moved to Leiden and started my academic training in physics and mathematics at Leiden University. I obtained my "kandidaatsexamen" in early 1971 and continued my studies in experimental physics. My experimental work was performed at the Leiden University group of biophysics, studying the physics and chemistry in photosynthetic organisms with a broad range of sprectroscopic techniques. With this I started a scientific career that more and more moved towards the boundaries between different scientific disciplines.

After receiving my "doctoraalexamen" Experimental Physics and Mathematics in October 1973, I continued working at the Biophysics group of professors Jan Amesz and Lou Duijsens to prepare a PhD thesis. This group was at the time one of the leading centres of photosynthesis research in the world and a broad range of international guest researchers visited the group.

The scientific attitude and culture that I experienced within this group has very much influenced my further professional life. I passed my PhD in May 1978 on a thesis "Electron transport in system two of photosynthesis", a.o. presenting the first experimental observations of absorbance changes duet o the charge accumulating species at both the donor and acceptor sides of photosystem II in green plants. Many parts of the work described in this thesis has been published elsewhere.

Environmental scientist

In 1979 I left the area of (bio)physics and moved into the field of environmental sciences as an air pollution modeller at the Province of Zuid-Holland. Three years later I returned to the academic world and started working in interdisciplinary environmental sciences as an assistant professor at Groningen University. At Groningen University I worked on the environmental impact of energy systems and on the health effects of environmental noise and odours in interdisciplinary projects with economists, psychologists, sociologists, medical researchers and many other disciplines. 

In June 1991 I joined TNO, originally in Delft, later in Apeldoorn and Utrecht. At TNO I started working in the group that was responsible for the Dutch national emissions inventory since the mid-1970s. A few years later I moved to the international level and led TNO's participation in the European Topic Centres (ETC) on Air Emissions that later was integrated into the ETC on Air and Climate Change. From the mid-1990s I also became quite active in developping emission inventory guidance and tools, both on air pollutants (Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections) and on greenhouse gases (IPCC-NGGIP). Since 2002 I also am quite active in the UNFCCC annual review process of national greenhouse gas inventory submissions.

Since the end of 2010, I am part time retired. This provides me time to act as Editor in Chief of the new scientific journal Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Management (GHGMM), since 2015 called Carbon Management and as member of the board of the Dutch association of environmental professionals VVM.

After my full retirement in May 2013 I continued these activities.

A selection of my publications is listed here.

I contributed to the IPCC Nobel Peace Prize 2007 as a coordinating lead author to the  2006 IPCC Guidelines' Energy volume, a Lead author to several other volumes, chapters and IPCC publications and as a co-chair of the IPCC Emission Factor Database.



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